Genre - Supernatural

  • Riu Rokugiya, is the main girl of a well known Kabuki theater house.Since she was little, she had dependably imagined the same strange dream about meeting a man under the red moon.She didn't have any acquaintance with him until she went to one of the exhibitions of her siblings. The man ends up being one of the Akatsukiya's beneficiary, Rui. The Akatsukiyas were inaccessible relative of the Rokugiyas. Just as of late, its Head, Ashikawa Enjuuro passed on. The family is on the way toward picking its successor among the three received children, one of which is Rui. What connection will Rui have with Riu? Why was she longing for him biting the dust each night?

    Akaki Tsuki no Mawaru Koro
  • Amamiya just died. Death by bottle tripping... But he is given one more chance, to live... To live in the body of a girl gone comatose that is. With his new identity, read on how his mind set is slowly changed from a guy to a girl. One thing for sure, there is more than one body switching in this manga!

    Akane-chan Overdrive
  • From the manga habit: The story of AkaAka begins with a dream filled with red camellia and the passing of a strange mask. The owner of this mask is a young boy named Yue who lives at a temple populated with rather unusual residents. The nearby town Utsuwa is holding a winter festival. Kurogitsune, his fox spirit friend, decides it’s the perfect opportunity for the sheltered Yue to experience the sights, sounds, and most of all–the food! Even though Yue is forbidden to ever leave the temple, they sneak into town, not realizing what they’ve set into motion…

    Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no
  • Hiroyuki is a 16 year-old boy who is just starting a life of living on his own. He finds a great deal on a huge house for only 10,000 yen a month in rent. Sure the house is a little run down and perhaps even downright spooky, but it's better than nothing...until he meets Milky Way! Milky Way is a Demoness and she has her eyes set on making Hiroyuki her servant!

    Akuma Jiten
  • Deimos was once a handsome god. He loved a beautiful goddess who returns his sentiments. The problem, well, she is his sister. For their crime against nature they were struck down out of Olympus. The brother is now a demon and the sister a rotting corpse at the bottom of the ocean. Deimos must choose between his sister and her living human incarnation. His sister is jealous. The girl is horrified and unsure of just what to make of her situation.

    Akuma no Hanayome
  • Kyouko has always been alone. Her parents are always at work and she has no friends around her. One day, she found Lucifer who claims to be the Prince of the Underworld in a garden. After being rescued by Kyouko, Lucifer has decided to stake his claim on Kyouko as his wife. But why is Ishii-kun, the guy whom Kyouko confessed to suddenly wants Kyouko for himself?! (from Midnight Scans)

    Akuma to Tsuki no Yoru (One Shot)
  • Wonderland After Hours: Midori's mother has finally acquired her dream home, but it isn't long before supernatural phenomenas disrupt the peace of the family. And if unexplained electricity failures, strange phone calls, and the eerie presence of spirits weren't enough, finding unexplainable blood in the bathroom becomes the last straw. Mai and Shibuya Psychic Research are brought in to investigate, but what horrors will they find in the 'dream' home that turns out to be nothing but a nightmare? Akumu no Sumu Ie - Ghost Hunt is based on a sequel novel of the original Ghost Hunt novel, set several months in the future.

    Akumu no Sumu Ie - Ghost Hunt
  • Alice Seno seems like a normal girl in high school. She is a bit shy, she has got a crush on a boy named Kyou, and she has got an older sister who is more popular than she is...pretty normal stuff, until Alice has an encounter with a mysterious and magical rabbit girl that changes the course of her life, and Alice is introduced to the sublime power of the Lotis Words.

    Alice 19th
  • Tokyo, Planet Earth... High schooler Tatsumi Tatsunami lost his folks quite early on and presently works various seasonal responsibilities to carry on with a rushed yet serene existence with his more youthful kin. One day his body goes through an unexpected change... Furthermore, presently strange creatures are appearing at his home! To safeguard individuals he holds dear, to safeguard Earth (or "region" ), Tatsumi should stir! He better, since "they" are as of now here!

    Aliens Area
  • Taisuke Kanou is your average 16-year-old student. He has two close friends, Hirose and Megumi. Hirose has trouble with bullies, but Taisuke is always their to defend him, even though he just winds up getting beaten instead of Hirose. During class one day, Taisuke is hit by something unworldly and for that split second, he sees a vision of the universe. As he\\\'s walking home from school, he sees a girl fall and die if front of him, but his first thought is jealousy. He later finds out that the strange sensation that hit him is spreading throughout Japan. Those who are struck by it either commit suicide or evolve, but the comrades have evolve usually have dark intentions for the rest of the world. (Source:ANN)

    Alive - The Final Evolution
  • Yashiro Tenshuu killed 5 people, including his girlfriend, and is now on death row. However, a secret government organization is willing to take him off death row if he allows himself to become a test subject to an experiment that requires a killer s intent.

  • A world loaded with zombies. However, this end times... is it worth difficult?! Mental consideration, wooden development, wonderful enchantment, creature correspondence, mechanical designing, execution, and so forth.. There is such a long way to go! The run of the pre-arranged survivor, who is great at everything, starts!

    All Rounder
  • From MangaHelpers: The world is in a war against an alien race called "Mimics," who have taken over most of the world with a mission to eliminate the human race. Keiji Kiriya is a new recruit in the United Defense Force, which is battling against these "Mimics." On his first day of deployment, Keiji and his unit encounter "Mimics" and are all killed... Or was it all a dream? For some inexplicable reason, after every time he dies, he is resurrected and returned back to the day before the battle. Why does this happen to Keiji and how can he escape from this never ending cycle? [c_k]

    All You Need Is Kill